THE SCHOOL was conceived in 2017 by two long-serving staff members of The Poor School, Marcelle Davies and Trudi Rees. Determined to continue the ethos of an affordable actor training that is accessible to all, our full time course is structured over evenings and weekends, thus enabling our students to work and earn whilst undertaking a conservatoire level training.
    THE SCHOOL auditions and accepts talented students regardless of background and there is no upper age limit. We actively seek, with each intake, to offer training to the most diverse group possible whilst valuing the individual and nurturing their particular talent. The combination of different ages, backgrounds and life experiences offers a crucial training environment for all, which reflects the realities of the industry.

    Drama school patron, Joanna Lumley
    PATRON: Dame Joanna Lumley
    The School’s potential contribution to the acting profession is of incalculable importance. People from all walks of life whose circumstances have denied them access to other drama schools have every possible chance of flourishing in this social melting pot, particularly those from working class backgrounds. The School embraces all-comers and that is its great strength. I am delighted to be a patron of this unique establishment.
    The School in The Stage, Feb 2022

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