by Charlotte Peach

“Marcelle has been a fantastic source of inspiration over the last two years. I have had  the pleasure of her wonderful tuition in movement classes, period dance, Animal Study and Clowning.

Learning the art of these disciplines was a joy with Marcelle. She has the ability to stretch you further than you had thought possible, whilst creating an atmosphere of freedom and calm – not an easy feat. She strives to make you understand what it is to be the very best version of yourself, and to make your journey through the training a personal one with goals that only you can overcome.

Personally, after a career in teaching and becoming a Mum, I had become detached from my physical self and the work that Marcelle did with us enabled me to become aware of my physical self again and begin using my body as an expressive tool in the rehearsal room. Most importantly, she is kind, respectful of your needs and has a mischievous sense of humour – much needed with physical work at times.

Many thanks Marcelle, for everything.”

by Corinna Jane

“Marcelle has a heart of gold and to learn and work with her has been an absolute pleasure. 

From animal studies to period dance and clowning she is a fountain of knowledge and will share and teach those who are willing to learn. 

I felt free to explore in every class with Marcelle and she’d always push me further. What more do you want when you’re training to be an actor? 

Thanks Marcelle!”


by Monika Herberova

“Trudi as a director would never give up on you. If you struggle to find your character and their motivation, she will support, advise and be with you all the time. 

As long as you are happy to fight for your performance, she will be with you. Her directions are about deep emotions and true human behaviour which makes the outcome very watchable and believable. 

As long as you are prepared to work you bum off, she is with you for the whole journey, never doubting, ever supportive and always fighting for the best you can do!”

by Fiona Mulvaney

“Trudi is a truly inspirational director and I have loved working with her.  

She sets high expectations for all students, and pushes everyone to their full potential.  Every rehearsal with Trudi feels like a masterclass, even if you are only observing! She is great at getting students to really explore and understand the character’s motivations, emotional journey and psyche.  Her attention to detail is legendary! 

I learnt so much from her every time I worked with her.  Her instinct for comedy is second to none – she has a knack for fully exploiting any comedy scene to make it absolutely hilarious.  

Without question, Trudi has helped me grow so much as an actor for which I will always be grateful.”


by Dean Ross

“I have never been the best singer which has been made quite clear by many people including singing teachers, friends and family. 

Grantley Buck never looked at me that way he simple saw me as someone who needed a bit more work than others and believe me he put the work in. 

With his help I was able to perform a musical number to a live audience which was very well received.”

by Kate Gilbert

“In the two years I was taught by Grantley Buck I went from a very under-confident and technically inept singer to holding my own singing solo pieces in front of a public audience. 

That transformation can only be attributed to Grantley’s patience, warmth, enthusiasm and constantly astounding ability as a teacher and musician. 

He creates a safe and inclusive environment where anyone, regardless of musical talent, is able to relish the opportunity to perform and find talents they never knew they had. I’ll never forget him.”


by Lina Howard

“Jen is so inspiring. 

Her uncompromising expectations and demand for commitment from her students has driven us all to achieve more than we’d ever have thought was within our reach. She showed us so many ways to feed our imaginations and to translate it into movement and performance. 

Seeing her own work – I Heart Catherine Pistachio – cemented my admiration and respect for her talents and the way she works.”

by Corinna Jane

“Jen is amazing. 

She won’t stand for any crap either! If you’re there to learn openly with her then you’ll get so much out of her classes. 

She will work you hard and push you to your limits and beyond, which for me, is exactly what I needed!”


by Lina Haward

“The first time I heard Christian speak, introducing himself to our new group, he made my jaw drop with the quality of his own rich, warm and resonant voice. It seems effortless but now I  know the work that supports it. 

I also know that what he’s taught me will support me throughout my future career, whether it’s the indispensable processes and exercises he’s showed us like the Resonance Ladder or the Three Suns, or the less tangible stuff. He fills all his classes with a calm, centred energy, and his gentle encouragement has brought us all so far. 

It has been a privilege to share his incredible wealth of knowledge about the voice – until he writes his book and shares it with everyone!”

by Corinna Jane

“Christian is an absolute vocal legend, as well as being an incredibly humble person! 

He only needs to glance in your direction to know whether you’re in correct alignment, holding tension or breathing correctly and he has taught me everything that I use today. 

From vocal warm ups, Alexander technique, Shakespeare and the treatment of text to the mechanics of the voice and vocal chords, Christian is your man. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to train with him these past two years. 

Thank you Christian!”